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Collaborative Family Law 
Family Law


 It is the future: yours and your children's :
Work together to work out the details of your divorce, while you have an attorney on your side!

Work it out, don't fight it out-  

What we do: 
We handle Collaborative Law cases ranging from divorce to legal separation, all the way to adoption. We want to be here to help you move on to the next chapter of your life as seamlessly and as stress free as possible. We also offer mediation services for those of you who need the help just to figure things out.

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What is Collaborative Family Law?

Both parties commit not to go to court, but to resolve all issues. It is divorce without litigation. Other allied professionals such as child experts, communications coaches, mediators and financial analysts are brought in to assist the parties, if needed. Everyone works together as a team to reach a result that in in everyone's best interest-yet, you are represented and guided by a family law attorney.

What type of issues are involved?

Custody of children, residential time with children, establishing parenting plans, child support, division of assets and liabilities and spousal maintenance.

About our Mediation Services:

We provide mediation services for represented and unrepresented parties.


We handle most type of adoptions.

How do I get started/ set up a meeting/ find out about my options?

To find out more information or to arrange for a consult please click the consultation tab on the left hand side of the page.

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