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What is an initial consultation?

Finding the right attorney for you, or just investigating whether you need/want to retain an attorney to represent you in your case, is an important step. We offer an initial consultation, which is an hour meeting with Cornelia Clark. During this hour Ms. Clark will answer your questions & give you advice. This hour is used to get acquainted, for you to get answers to your legal questions, and for you to explore your options. We will also give you an idea of what will be involved financially, should you use our firm. There is no obligation to engage our services and we will try our best to answer your legal questions.   The cost for this initial consultation is $150.00.   Ms. Clark's regular rate is $275 per hour. If you are interested in setting up an initial consultation, please give us a call at (425)282-0487, or e-mail us

Please note that we do not represent you until a formal retainer agreement is signed. The workings of such representation and the amount of a retainer will be explained during the initial consultation.  

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